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About Us

High-Class Enclosed Auto Transportation for Luxury and Exotic Cars

LAP Auto Transport represents the pinnacle of nationwide enclosed automotive transportation and is the first call for transport for numerous luxury, exotic, and classic car owners.

We specialize in transporting vehicles to events, shows and other destinations across the country with the same kind of individual attention and care that our clients show their vehicles.

Benefit From Our Love Of Cars

 At LAP Auto Transport, we have been passionate about cars since day one with owner and founder Jim Kirby , who parlayed his life-long car hobby into a career.  In 1983, he formed L.A. Prep, Inc., a business that transports, preps, and stores advertising show cars and mega-dollar prototypes for OEM automotive and film industry clients.

As business grew over the years, and the fleet of transporters expanded, Jim saw an emerging need for a consumer version of the same type of top tier transportation services he had been administering exclusively to auto manufacturers. This realization led to the creation of LAP Auto Transport which was designed to offer the same top of the line transportation services to the public.

Our car-loving, friendly, and highly-experienced management and staff are ready to serve, whether it’s scheduling pickup/delivery, transporting your car, or assisting you with questions along the way such as approximate vehicle location.  Clients appreciate our prompt personal response, professionalism, and reassurance. 

How L.A.P. Auto Transport is Different

Not all enclosed transportation companies are created equal and clients that utilize our services realize the difference almost immediately.  Below are a few of the ways LAP Auto Transport separates itself from the competition.

 Company Owned FleetOur entire fleet of enclosed automotive transporters is company owned and maintained to provide superior performance and on-time delivery to our clients. Uncompromising when it comes to serving our clients, we use and meticulously maintain top-of-the-line, custom-built enclosed automotive transport trailers and Peterbilt tractors.  Built to our specifications, LAP Auto Transport’s trailers are immaculate and customized to suit the needs of our customers.  Our licensed operators arrive at your location in a hauler that is as sparkling clean as the cars inside.  That means a clean, beautiful, and properly maintained transporter will arrive to transport your luxury, exotic, or classic car every time.

Transport Company, Not a Broker: LAP Auto Transport is a transportation company, not a transportation broker.  The person you speak with about your enclosed transport job is an employee of our company that has your best interest in mind, not a commission.  This advantage allows us to ensure consistent, high-quality customer service for all of our clients and promised delivery dates based on when we will be able to deliver your vehicle rather than when we may.

Discretion: LAP, Inc. has provided enclosed automotive transportation from production subcompact cars all the way to one-off prototypes and incredibly fragile clay models.  This wide range of vehicles has brought us to understand the importance of discretion in our transporters as well as our actions.  That is why our entire fleet of enclosed transporters are a beautiful pearl white with no markings or stickers other than our contact information and required DOT labeling.

While other companies opt for flashy graphics and bright neon colors, LAP Auto Transport does not, instead opting for a clean subtle color scheme and layout that lends itself to the sleek, mature appearance of a limo rather than a school bus.  With this level of discretion it’s no wonder that multiple OE auto manufacturers trust us with their prototypes, and exotic vehicles like this Formula 1 car, and why hundreds of clients will only use LAP Auto Transport for their enclosed vehicle transport needs.

Your Car is Our Star

Our parent company L.A. Prep, Inc., has 30 years of experience working with the film industry, on location and in studio, with cars as well as artists and movie stars.  At LAP Auto Transport we bring that same experience to our side of the business turning the entire country into our stage and the cars we transport are the stars of our production.  This is why we go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure nothing but the best treatment for your vehicle during its trip in one of our spotless enclosed transporters.

These extra steps include:

  • Integrated oil drip pans to capture possible leaks should your vehicle, or someone else’s have a fluid leak during transport
  • Trailers with custom, low-profile lift-gate that gently and securely raises your vehicle into the trailer on a flat surface, which is far better than an angled ramp. That way your car is safe from scratches, on the bottom, top, and all the way around!
  • LAP Auto Transport is among the top companies in the national that is substantially insured at $2.5 million per load to insure that, in the highly unlikely event anything untoward happens to your vehicle, you will be covered.

Would you like to learn more about how we care for your vehicle?  See how we skillfully handle your car from start to finish.

State-Of-The-Art GPS Tracking

The LAP Auto Transport state-of-the-art dispatch system enables us to know exactly where your car is at all times. A GPS tracking system in every truck with a map of the entire country enables drivers to stay on course and arrive on time.

Back at central dispatch we track the status and location of all transporters in real-time.  You can request the status of your car and estimated delivery date at any time, 24/7.

We are excited to put our 30+ years of experience and impeccable track record of on-time enclosed auto transport deliveries to work for you.

Recognized & Appreciated Customer Service

At L.A.P. Auto Transport, clients appreciate the strong, personal relationships we develop, our accessibility, and the extra steps we take to ensure that they are happy. Honesty is our best policy, and we communicate openly what we can provide and when.

It makes a big difference to our clients that we go the extra mile, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. For example, we often reach out and call clients in the midst of a transport to provide that extra assurance to let them know their car is right on schedule. We know our customers’ names and their vehicles, and you will talk to the same individuals at L.A. Prep each time you call, rather than getting connected to an anonymous person or dispatcher.

At LAP Auto Transport we strive to set the pace, not follow it.


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At LAP Auto Transport, we appreciate our clients who entrust us with the task of transporting their luxury, exotic, and classic cars to destinations throughout North America. Our clientele ranges from individual owners with one prized vehicle, to institutional collectors with multiple cars in multip ...

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