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Our History

Bugatti Veyron Transportation

Our Celebrated History

Early Beginnings

Long before forming LAP Auto Transport, Founder and President Jim Kirby raced cars for fun and drove professionally as a precision and stunt driver for movies and commercials.  Over 30 years ago, Jim created nationally-renowned L.A. Prep Inc., one of the most respected brands for vehicle prep and transport in the United States.  L.A. Prep, Inc. is consistently chosen by major advertising agencies, automotive manufacturers, and production companies to support their efforts in creating advertising and at marketing and sales events and displays.

In 2010, upon recognizing that his company’s highly respected fleet and transportation services could benefit luxury and exotic car owners and dealers, Jim created LAP Auto Transport.  It leverages a strong history of transport excellence by utilizing the company’s highly-skilled and experienced management, staff, and drivers, and its stellar equipment, expertise, quality, and integrity.

We understand that owners and dealers of high-end cars want and expect an exclusive experience for their cars, clients, and for themselves.  Thus, LAP Auto Transport provides personal attention and a high level of care in professionally transporting luxury and exotic cars. In order to replicate L.A. Prep, Inc’s superior level of excellence, LAP Auto Transport brought in experienced and knowledgeable managers to lead the team to serve our clients promptly and professionally by providing expert guidance throughout the transportation process.

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LAP Auto Transport

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